Brewed in the heart of Petaluma

Locals have been enjoying Dempsey’s delicious brews since 1991. Sit back and relax on the patio, have a pint at happy hour, take home a can or growler, or simply have a beer with your lunch or dinner. Kegs are available, too. Any way you drink it, you will enjoy one of our handcrafted ales.

Now Pouring at the Restaurant

Heffy: German style Hefeweizen brewed with German Pilsner malt and wheat.  Fermented cold with German yeast strain. Finishes dry with subtle spiciness.  Served unfiltered. 4.9% ABV

Petaluma PilsCrisp, refreshing Pilsner with a medium body. Brewed with Pilsner malt and a touch of Vienna. Hopped with Czech Saaz for a traditional hop bitterness. Served unfiltered. 5.5% ABV

Amarillo Highway: American wheat ale brewed with 50% red wheat. Hopped with Amarillo and Citra. Finishes dry with light citrus aromas. 6.0% ABV

Francois: French-style Saison brewed with Belgian and German malts. Balance of fruity esters and spicy phenolics. Finished dry and slightly malty. 6.3% ABV

Skinzy’s Gold:  Belgian Style Pale Ale brewed with Pilsner malt and a touch of wheat. We use Crystal hops and our house Belgian yeast strain giving this beer a nice clean finish. 7.2% ABV

Gold medal winner at the 2017 Los Angeles International Beer Competition!

Red Rooster Ale: This red ale is brewed with 2-Row and caramel malt. And, dry-hopped with cascade hops giving this beer a robust flavor and floral hop finish. This beer is made to stand up to and wash down the bold flavors that come out of our kitchen. 6% ABV

Mo’Licious IPA: Fresh Pineapple, Mango, Guava and Passion Flower on the nose and palate. Dry-hopped with Mosaic and Simcoe. Very fun IPA to drink and finishes on the drier side 6.5% ABV

Petaluma Strong Ale: PSA falls in between beer styles. Extra IPA or Strong Pale Ale you pick. We know we love it. It has a strong complex malty flavor and lots of hops but not too bitter. Served unfiltered 7.5% ABV.
Be careful, you might get hooked!

Double Axl: This Imperial IPA features high hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. Hop character is fresh and evident from utilization of any variety of hops. Alcohol content is medium-high to full body.  9.3% ABV

Lumanator Doppelbock: Brewed to celebrate our 26th anniversary.  Flavors of fresh bread, ripe plums and figs, followed by sweet malts and caramelized sugar. 7.8% ABV

O’Dempsey Dry Irish Stout: The emphasis on coffee-like roasted barley and a moderate degree of roasted malt aromas define much of the character. Hop bitterness is medium to medium high. This beer is often dispensed vie nitrogen gas taps that lend a smooth, creamy body to the palate. 5.5% ABV

Ugly Dog Stout: A foreign style stout that is hearty, full bodied and strong with a smooth roasted malt finish.  Lots of caramel malt and roasted barley gives this beer its character.  A perfect compliment to our rich chocolatey desserts.  6.7% ABV

Babushka Bear: Russian Imperial Stout. Inspired by brewers back in the 1800’s to win over the Russian Czar, this is the king of stouts, boasting high alcohol by volumes and plenty of malt character.  Huge roasted chocolate and burnt malt flavors.  Suggestions of dark fruit and flavors higher alcohols are quite evident.   10% ABV